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Skype Training

English tuition with expert native-speaker English trainers

Benefit from our extensive experience in immersion training at a time that suits your schedule.

We can help you improve your fluency, increase your vocabulary and prepare for important meetings, difficult conversations, conferences, telephone calls, presentations and conference calls. You will increase your confidence and spontaneity, improve your listening skills and practise social conversations.

We use Skype or your company’s virtual meeting software to run “virtual” English lessons at a time to suit you. You can book a series of lessons with us, or book the lessons on an “ad-hoc” basis (i.e. just when you need them). All you need is a computer, laptop, smart-phone or tablet. You can decide the frequency of the sessions according to your schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly etc.) We can adapt to your level, and design a programme that fits your needs exactly.

In addition to the face-to-face contact via Skype, all our Skype programmes include:

  • Personalised lesson design: We will analyse your needs and design your personalised programme combining our own unique materials with authentic sources (e.g. TED talks, television or radio news, written articles and recorded conversations). You will get between-lesson activities to prepare you for your discussions with your trainer.
  • Lesson summary and language report: After each lesson you will receive a summary of the new language you have acquired during the session, as well as advice from your trainer about how to improve your communicative competence in English.
  • End of programme report: At the end of your programme we will give you a full report on the language you have learned and give our opinion of your CEFR level (Common European Framework).

Read more about the benefits of our English training via Skype solution solution

General English Skype Training - Click here for more information (PDF download)

International Executive English plus Dexterity Coaching via Skype- Click here for more information (PDF download)

"I chose Skype training because I travel a lot and didn’t have the opportunity to go to Malmesbury for immersion training. As well as working in a senior position in the automotive logistics industry, I was studying for an MBA and wanted support to better understand native speakers of English.

So far, I have taken 20 Skype lessons and have booked for a further number because it is really working. The language skills I have learnt so far from my Skype sessions are:

  • Improved listening and understanding
  • Language improvements in my written MBA papers
  • More spontaneous in discussion
  • More confidence when presenting in English
  • Improved communication style – clearer and more concise
  • Able to deliver clear opinions in interesting intercultural and work-related discussions."

Sergey Bobryshev

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