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Why Skype language lessons work for Senior International Executives

In-country intensive language immersion training is still, in my view, the best way to learn a language. But what happens when you can’t take one or two weeks away from work to attend an intensive course? Or what happens when you’ve completed an immersion course, and want to continue working with your trainer? The answer is Skype training (or using another similar online system).

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Skype training works because it is:

  • Face to face.
  • One to one.
  • At a time convenient to you.
  • At your desk, or in your home, in fact wherever you like!
  • Flexible in terms of content

Why then does language training via Skype get a bad press?

The reason in my opinion is simple, – it is only as good as the trainer. In other words, it is not the medium of Skype that is to blame if your training isn’t successful, it is the quality of the trainer. An inexperienced trainer will need to follow a curriculum, use a book or materials and be reliant on their normal classroom activities which don’t always work well via Skype, and probably don’t meet your needs.

High quality, experienced language and management trainers are able to:

  • Respond instantly to your questions and requirements.
  • Design challenging exercises and simulations spontaneously without preparation.
  • Give you detailed language feedback, concentrating on your exact requirements for your professional circumstances.
  • Fix your “language emergencies” and help you prepare for really important meetings and presentations.
  • Provide cultural dexterity coaching, and improve your international communication skills.
  • Be your language and intercultural mentor.
  • Provide detailed language feedback notes during and after each session.
  • Improve your vocabulary, grammar and fluency. 
  • Work across time differences.

Examples of our own Skype training successes include:

  • Helping a Russian automotive executive communicate more fluently on an MBA course.
  • Preparing a Japanese internet expert for important presentations and interviews.
  • Helping a French HR Director to prepare for coaching meetings and group facilitation events.
  • Preparing a Japanese manager for business acquisition meetings. 
  • Helping a Russian manager participate in social conversations with colleague

Read more about our success with Skype language training here. If you’d like to find out whether Skype language training would work for you, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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