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Host Accommodation

Host families are an essential part of our training method, and an advantage of our small-town location is that we know them all personally. They are carefully selected to provide a very high standard of comfort, meals and attention, adding about 20 hours of conversational practice each week – contributing to your training by extending the range of subjects you discuss.

Most hosts provide private bathrooms and internet access. Some hosts are in the town itself, within a few minutes' walk of our training centre. Others live in the attractive surrounding villages just a few minutes away by car. Hosts provide daily transport where necessary and are flexible with timing.

Our regular Thursday dinner also provides the opportunity to meet and talk to other hosts.

A recent audit showed 100% of course participants rating hosts as good, very good or excellent. Of these, over 96% of ratings were very good or excellent. Some participants also created additional super-excellent or even super-super-excellent categories!

What our course participants thought

"Really nice open-minded people who like to have guests in their house. They were always available to talk to me. The meals were very good and my room and bathroom were nice and comfortable." Engineer, oil refining.

"I stayed with the same hosts again. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't have come back! We spoke a lot and laughed a lot." Advertising Manager, retail chain, Germany, Poland and Turkey.

"A lovely cottage, very kind and nice people, much better than staying in a hotel." Sales representative, pharmaceuticals. Working in France with international contacts.

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